Adults regain control of French campsites and life here is tranquil again!

29 Aug

France is fabulous in July and August but it is pretty busy here during the high summer months so we always breathe a bit of a sigh of relief when the schools reclaim all the children and peace returns to the campsites and roads.

autumn motorhome and campervan availability

Chateau Pichon Lalande, Medoc, France.

The end of August marks the last busy weekend on the roads here as Parisian, British, Dutch, Belgian and German families head back home from the south at the end of their holidays.

May, June, September and October are our most popular months for couples and those who are not obliged to travel during the school holidays. The weather is typically great and circulating in a motorhome becomes significantly easier and more spontaneous than in July and August.

Apart from a few remaining gaps (see below), we are now fully booked across all motorhome and campervan types for most of September but we do still have some vans of each type for October dates.


Here are our last few September gaps:

Two-berth Euro-Traveller Prestige Campervan

From now to 15th September and from 24th September onwards

Euro-Traveller Prestige Campervan interior from France Motorhome Hire

Two-berth Euro-Explorer Compact Prestige Motorhome

From 24th September onwards

Euro-Explorer Compact Prestige Motorhome interior from France Motorhome Hire

Two/Four-berth Euro-Explorer Motorhome


From 14th September onwards

Euro-Explorer Motorhome interior from France Motorhome Hire

Four/Six-berth Euro-Voyager Prestige Motorhome

From 17th September onwards

Euro-Voyager Prestige Motorhome interior from France Motorhome Hire
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