The best guides for motorhome travellers in Europe

22 Mar

Vicarious Books – great European guides and books for motorhome travellers

The best guides for motorhome travellers in Europe

Every time we think we know the whole range of European motorhome guides available from this great British company, they tell us about a new one!

Vicarious Books’ latest e-mail has alerted us to the availability of an Italian guide to motorhome parking and service points. If you are heading to Italy in your campervan, this book is a must as the opportunities for wild camping in Italy appear to be non-existent compared to France.

To date we have had to rely on campsites in Italy, which are quite expensive. It seemed to us that there was nowhere to pull up and spend the night inexpensively. (We’ve found that visits to Italy tend to be pretty pricey to begin with due to the shocking cost of motorway tolls and fuel.) But help is at hand from Vicarious Books with the ‘Italian Aree di Sosta CamperLife 2016/17’ guide. This great guide will ease the financial burden as you can avoid paying for campsites each night by staying at a motorhome stopover, known as an ‘aree’ in Italian (aire in French).

The best guides for motorhome travellers in Europe

Click on the image to look inside the guide

Vicarious says: “This guidebook is produced by the Italian motorhome club CamperLife IT. It is the most comprehensive guide book available for Italian Aree di Sosta motorhome stopovers. All the arees are marked on mapping at the back of the guide – so you always know where your nearest stopover is. There is detailed information about each motorhome stopover including type, directions (in Italian but quite easy to understand), service and address and telephone number if applicable. The services are explained by symbols with a key in English.”

Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands…and more

The Vicarious team are currently preparing for their own grand tour of Spain and Portugal in April and May. You can follow their trip on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to get some great tips if you are planning to visit these countries.

If you fancy a spring trip to see the Netherlands in bloom you can follow their driving tour “Go Dutch” which will immerse you in colourful spring flowers as well as providing details about “Keukenhof”, the most beautiful spring gardens in the world.

Vicarious books - great European guides and books for motorhome travellers

Click the image to Go Dutch!

For a Dutch trip, a guide to the “Aires” there (places to stay and service motorhomes) would come in handy and they have one of those too: ‘All the Aires Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands’.

Great job Chris, Meli, Pami, Sam and Ryan (Team Vicarious), we love what you do and we are jealous of your day job. The FMH team are busy handing over campervans for others to head off in while you are out exploring in them and calling it work! We have clearly taken the wrong path, do you fancy a swap?

Remember… if you want to order books or guides from the Vicarious team, but they don’t ship to your country, you can ask them to send your order to us so it’s here when you arrive. Just put the hirer’s name with “Hire Client” in brackets after it on your order and have it sent to us at:

Hirer’s Name (Hire Client)
SARL Direction France
10 Promenade de l’Ouest
89510 Véron

We’ll keep your order safe until you pick up your campervan.

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