Toying with the idea of buying a house in France?

21 Feb

Would you like to own a house in France? Don’t just think about it this year, come over and do some house hunting from the comfort of a campervan or motorhome! Here’s why the FHM team thinks you should…

You can park up overnight and try a village on for size when house hunting in a motorhome

The British contingent of the FMH team (there are five of us) might not provide the most impartial of views about life in France, because we are all dyed-in-the-wool Francophiles, but our straw poll of family and friends back home tells us that most of them would like to own a house in France too.

Some people want to retire here, others want a holiday home to enjoy annually, and a few would simply like to bring their families and start a new life and career here. It’s a wonderful country to live in. Sadly, many of those who daydream about owning a property here will never make it happen, but plenty of people do and many of those hire a motorhome to come house hunting.

If you are harbouring the fanciful thought that you’d like to snap up a charming French property at an absurdly low price (property here is incredibly good value*), don’t sit there dreaming about it, come and have a look!  You don’t have to commit to actually buying before you come and see what’s on offer. Viewing properties for sale is a fun activity from a campervan and you can combine seeing a few houses with a relaxing break, exploring the many other delights that France has to offer as you explore.

A house for sale (a vendre) in Burgundy

Whether you’re house hunting for a small modern house or a grand chateau, a campervan is a very convenient way to do it

Anybody who lives in France will tell you that during July and August most of the working population of France will go on holiday, and many non-tourism businesses simply shut for a long break – and it’s perfectly true! So, if you are planning a house hunting trip July and August are probably the months to avoid coming.  Other than that, anytime of the year is a good time to come, and the period between now and July is particularly rewarding for house hunters as many new houses are listed for sale in the spring and sellers are motivated to show them at their sunny best.

For some great tips on planning your French house hunting trip and a full explanation of the benefits of searching for a property from a motorhome, visit our house hunting webpage:

*Just take a look at the Green Acres website and search for properties in Burgundy from €35,000 to €50,000 to see what you can get for your money here in our stunning region.

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