Campsites and other great places to stay in a motorhome in France

08 Oct

Motorhome holidays provide travellers with plenty of freedom and independence; aside from being able to cook, sleep and relax whenever you like, campervans also allow you to stop-off and explore absolutely any region of France that takes your fancy, before hitting the road once again when you feel like it. Fortunately, France is home to a large number of truly fantastic campsites, allowing travellers to snap up a stay in multiple destinations during the duration of their campervan holiday.

Stay overnight in a whole range of places…for free!

France Motorhome Hire offer membership of France Passion – a brilliant scheme offering free places to stay in a whole host of interesting places, free of charge. We pay the annual membership fee and you enjoy the benefits of the scheme!

We offer this scheme to all of our clients for the duration of their trip, providing them with the chance to stay in a whole range of fantastic places.

Hosts who participate in the scheme are extremely passionate about what they do, meaning you’ll always find some unique and interesting activities to sink your teeth into; from partaking in a grape harvest to learning to cook local specialties, you are sure to do or see something you have never done or seen before when staying on France Passion sites.

All of our campervans carry the France Passion guide book and windscreen sticker so all you need to do is decide which beautiful region of France you long to discover!

Find out more about the brilliant scheme here.

Planning your stay

Fortunately, European campsites are rarely overbooked so if you’re considering hiring a campervan then don’t feel you need to book so far in advance, although if you’ve got your sights set on a particular area or campsite then there’s no harm in booking early.

However, if you’re planning on booking a campsite on the day then it’s advised that you book early on as opposed to in the evening to avoid disappointment. The campsite guides we provide with our motorhomes have telephone numbers for each campsite so it’s always possible to call ahead to reserve once you know where you would like to stay that day.

Campsite prices vary depending on location, season facilities and size and generally, campsites with a great range of facilities are usually more expensive. Remember, the joy of a motorhome is that you have all your own facilities with you, so there’s no need to splash out on a fancy campsite if you’ve already got plenty of luxuries! It’s possible to find a campsite for two people for as little as €6 per night.

Although campsites in France and Europe are generally well equipped for motorhome users, our hire vehicles are fully equipped so that they can be independent of electricity, water and other outside supplies for several days, meaning you can literally stop wherever you wish.

So, if you don’t fancy staying in a campsite then you can pretty much park up anywhere for the night.

Need more information? With each campervan, France Motorhome Hire provide the most comprehensive guide to French campsites – the Michelin Guide to Campsites of France as well as the France Passion Guide and the “Aire de Camping Car” Guide (free overnight halts provided by the towns). There is no single website listing all 11,000 campsites in France together but here is a site with a good selection of the campsites across France


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