Cycling trips in a motorhome

27 Jun

As a renowned cycle-friendly country and home to the world’s biggest touring event, Tour De France, France invites cyclists from all over the world to enjoy its rural routes and breath-taking scenery. Not only is France great for taking to the roads on two wheels, it’s also the perfect destination to enjoy a motorhome holiday – so why not combine the two?

An ideal cycling destination

All it takes is just one look at the miles and miles of gorgeous country roads and beautiful scenery for someone to realise that France really is the perfect place to saddle up. After all, there’s a reason that Le Tour happens in France!

Whether you’re a cycling enthusiast who’s in search of some exhilarating long-distance riding or someone who admires the thought of an afternoon spent weaving through a couple of quaint towns, you really won’t be disappointed by France’s unspoilt country roads and sensational surroundings.

Combine your cycling trip with a motorhome holiday 

Why not hire a motorhome and park up at a nearby campsite before weaving through some of France’s beautiful roads or scenic cycling routes on a bike? This way, you could explore more of France in a shorter time period, as you’ll be able to drive to all of the must-see destinations, whilst stopping off along the way and touring around on your bicycle!

All France Motorhome Hire vehicles are fully equipped with everything you need for your road trip, but if you really want an “access all areas” solution for getting into some of France’s older and prettier town centres, you might like to hire some bikes. In addition to offering a collection of superb motorhomes, we rent super-lightweight, adult “City Bikes’ (for casual exploring) and for 2013 we are adding hybrid bikes (for those who might want to cover more miles).

Perfect for visiting towns and attractions without needing to move your campervan from a campsite, the bikes fit easily onto the bike rack, which is fitted to all our motorhomes and come with a combination bike lock. You could even bring your own bike along if you wanted to!

Our mid-France motorhome depot is the perfect starting point for your campervan/cycling holiday; By starting your trip in the heart of rural France, you’ll save time and money as well as getting off to a stress free start on our quiet rural roads.

We provide immaculate, reliable and carefully maintained campervans and motorhomes to all our customers. Simply contact us for more information or to find out more about our bike rental services.

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