Enjoy the wine festivals of France in a campervan

30 Mar

The French wine festival season got off to a great start over the Easter weekend in the beautiful setting of the Hospice de Tonnerre in Burgundy.

Tonnerre Hospice Wine Tasting Weekend

Tonnerre Hospice Wine Tasting Weekend

For a fee of just €2 per person, everyone was issued with a wine glass on arrival then invited to taste all of the wines at the festival for free!

Strolling Accordion Player at Wine Festival

The strolling accordion player at the wine festival

Many Burgundy wines were represented so the choice was incredible and the wines ranged in price from about €5 to €150 per bottle. Needless to say, all the wines were available to buy although there was absolutely no obligation or pressure to do so.

The event had a lovely atmosphere and plenty of other attractions were included, from a strolling accordion player to a specially created area with “aroma appreciation domes” to help tasters understand the most common aromas found in wines.

Aroma Appreciation Domes!

Aroma Appreciation Domes!

Wine tasting stalls were punctuated by craft stalls and a wonderful selection of snacks, from the local “Gougère” (savoury choux pastry – very good with wine) to cheese stalls and even Easter eggs.

Cheese Stall

Delicious local cheeses

Outside there were distractions for the children and these two alpacas had a steady flow of tiny admirers.

Alpacas at Tonnerre Wine Festival

The popular alpaca mum and her baby

Similar events will be taking place all over France from now until November, with the highest concentration in our region, Burgundy. Visiting a wine fair, tour or local event in a campervan or motorhome means you can stay the night and not have to worry about driving afterwards.

If you are planning to visit a French wine region during your trip, get in touch with the wine tourism board for the region and ask for a list of events so you can visit a few while you’re here.

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