Ex-rental campervans for sale in France

18 Nov

Thinking of buying a campervan or motorhome? We’re updating our fleet and may have just the vehicle you’re looking for. Read on…

Blucamp Sky 20 motorhome for sale

For sale: Blucamp Sky 20 motorhome

At this time of the year we dispose of some of our rental fleet to make way for the 2016 models.  If you are thinking of buying a campervan or motorhome, this is a much better time of the year to buy than the spring when everyone is looking and prices are higher. Our ex-rental campervans and motorhomes are great value for money, beautifully maintained, have full service histories and most are even still under manufacturer’s warranty.

If you are a UK or US buyer there has never been a better time to buy as the current exchange rates will mean you get a truly incredible deal!

If you are based in the EU, you are very welcome to come and look at our current selection of vehicles for sale in person. and you can even try before you buy with a short hire.

If you are a non-EU resident and need a simple solution for buying, registering and insuring a vehicle here, we have a unique scheme to allow you do this so get in touch and we will send you all the information you need by e-mail.

Blucamp Sky 51 motorhome for sale

For sale: Blucamp Sky 51 motorhome

Here is the link to our vehicle sales website (which is in French and English) so you can see our current selection of vehicles for sale: www.eurocampingcars.com/en/

If you are trying to decide whether to hire or buy for a long trip, read our advice at ‘Motorhome, Campervan or RV for Long Trips – Should I Hire or Buy?

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