Feel Great with a Motorhome Hire Holiday in France

10 Oct

start your motorhome hire holiday in France on the eurostar

Isn’t it time you thought of an alternative way to holiday for 2020?

Go by train and experience the Eurostar at the start and end of your campervan hire.

In the wake of the Thomas Cook nightmare, plus the environmental issues that are dominating the media at the moment, wouldn’t it be nice to just feel a little smug when asked about your holiday plans next year by telling everyone you’re not flying?

Did you know you can get to France Motorhome Hire here in Sens using the Eurostar and trains?

I travelled back to the UK recently and on my return, I realised just how easy it is to get the Eurostar from the UK into Gare du Nord, Paris. If you’ve never been before, it is VERY pleasant and not your usual train ride.

If you don’t like the idea of travelling into London to start your Eurostar journey, you have the additional options of either the Ebbsfleet or Ashford International terminals where parking your car for a week is under £44 in the car park next to the station. Here’s are the links to book your spot for Ebbsfleet and Ashford.

The departure from the Eurostar terminals are much simpler that an airport

The departure from any of the Eurostar terminals are much simpler that at an airport.

You just show your check-in ticket, that you’ve printed off when booking, at the entrance (no need to wait until 24 hours before your flight to print off a boarding passes), then you pass through the security checks, with your luggage that can be a lot bigger than the cabin bag you’re permitted on flights. Oh, and did I mention that your luggage stays with you on your journey, so you can get to it whenever you want and you don’t lose it?

Once through the check-in and x-ray machine, passport control is the last step, well okay, it’s maybe 20 steps from the security desk but there’s not miles and miles of wading through airport buildings to get to your gate. Finally, you simply sit and wait for your train. While enjoying a coffee and the very relaxed atmosphere.

The announcement is made, and you are directed to your seat in a very modern and spacious carriage. Way more room than on an airplane where you can sit and enjoy the scenery.

On arrival in Paris, you get off the train – That’s it!

No check-out, no passport control, no carousel to find your suitcases – You’ve simply arrived.

In Paris

Walk up to the end of the platform and turn right – another twenty paces you’re at the taxi rank where everything is very well organised. If you’re a family with heaps of luggage, a very friendly and efficient taxi courier who is there to help everyone, will set you to one side and find a larger minibus type taxi for you. Otherwise, you join the queue and take the next taxi in the line.

Helping the Environment Further

The green effect for me continued when I got in an electric taxi that are becoming the norm more and more in the centre of Paris. I asked for Gare de Bercy and after an above ground journey of roughly 25 minutes, I arrived right outside the main doors of the little station. For a cost of €14 (plus tip). It was well worth the ride.

From Gare de Bercy, Sens is only 56 minutes away and is the first stop on the line. It costs €10 per person one way (less for children of course). The price of the tickets never changes, and it doesn’t matter if you buy them online months in advance or at the station machine minutes before you set off.

arrive in Sens to start your motorhome holiday

From Sens, we can arrnage to collect you and bring you to the depot where you’re already halfway down the country and ready to start your onward journey

Now I must admit, okay, there is the argument of then being in a motorhome for a week and driving around isn’t the greenest but all our vehicles are the latest and most fuel efficient models! Some of our customers like to set off for Barcelona, Italy, South of France or Switzerland and take advantage of our unlimited mileage and free insurance that covers these countries.

But you don’t need to travel far – you are in Burgundy!

You want a beach?

We’ve got it – this is just over an hour away on the shores of Lake Orient the other side of Troyes.

Lake Orient Burgundy

Lake Orient is just over an hour away from the depot

You want french culture and history?

We’ve got it – Castle Guedelon is at St Fargeau is less than an hour away and you can take part in the living history of a medieval castle or enjoy the fabulous Chateau there. Or if you head a little north by an hour, you have the wonderful town of Fontainebleu with Napoleon’s Military School Chateau, a great Sunday market, plus the Bois le Roi forest and parkland which is just a natural draw for a family day out.

You want hills, forests, rivers and waterfalls in France?

We’ve got it – you can find your way either to the Morvan National Park about two hours south or over to the Jura maybe a little over three hours from here.

Visit Morvan Nation Park in your motorhome

Visit Morvan Nation Park in your motorhome

You like French wine?

Chablis is just down the road and the wine is as good as it always has been. You can also take it back with you on the train as there’s no fluid limit on Eurostar. Take a case or two to share with friends and carry on enjoying the holiday a little while longer when you get home!

And if you’re still stuck for ideas, we’ve made friends with the Tourist Information Office Team in Sens who are full of information and ideas about where to go and what to see in the area.

Motorhome hire holidays in France give you the flexibility to pick and choose where and when you want to go without the stress of booking accommodation and arranging flights.

There’s something for everyone around each corner and you can savour the satisfaction you did it all without putting in those air miles.

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