How to chill out and unwind with a motorhome in Burgundy

27 Jul

Chill out time with our campervan and early morning walks in Burgundy…we love it and encourage you to try it too!

Although cycling is my favourite form of exercise, I must admit that I am a bit of fair-weather cyclist; in very hot, windy or wet weather, my default form of exercise is walking. With no equipment to carry or prepare, and no special clothing other than comfortable shoes, walking asks so little of you and makes for stress-free exercise at zero cost.

Phill and I with all the equipment required for a walk!

Phill and I with all the equipment required for a walk!

During the summer it can be pretty warm here by midday, so I like to enjoy an early-morning stomp before the sun gets going.

Early morning walk in Villeneuve-sur-Yonne, Burgundy

Early morning walk in Villeneuve-sur-Yonne, Burgundy

My most relaxing days off at this time of the year involve prizing my husband, Phill, away from his desk or workshop at a sensible hour, and heading to a local beauty spot in our campervan for a barbecue and peaceful overnight stay. First thing in the morning, we take a long walk, picking up a baguette on the way back to the campervan, and having brunch followed by a long, lazy snooze. During the afternoon we’ll usually read for a bit then cool off with a swim in the crystal clear waters of the River Yonne or Nivernais.

We have been based in Burgundy for two and half years and have not run out of new places to have these wonderfully relaxing days off! There are so many pretty spots to explore along either of our local rivers, you could make a wonderful two-week trip just following them as they meander through ancient Burgundy villages.

This picture (with barge on river) was taken during an early morning walk last Sunday, just seven kilometres from our depot in the village of Villeneuve-sur-Yonne (where we had spent the night on the quay, overlooking the River Yonne).

When was the last time you truly relaxed and spent the day doing exactly what you felt like? Every now and then it’s a good idea to put the “To Do” list on the back burner and have a day (or a couple of weeks if you can get away) doing exactly as you please. Take my advice and book a relaxing late summer or early autumn campervan trip now, so that you too can swim, walk, eat warm baguettes and snooze beside some of France‚Äôs best kept secrets.

We were greeted by a local when we got back from our walk

The purr-fect end to a walk: we were greeted by this local


Lovely Burgundy village near our depot

Burgundy Tourism website, which has lots of itineraries and maps.


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