Languedoc wines, ever increasing quality at really low prices.

06 May

Languedoc winesAs recently as ten years ago, we found the inexpensive wines produced in the Languedoc region pretty uninteresting but each time we have gone back to the area since, we seem to find a great new wine at an unbelievably reasonable price!

Our favourite French wines are from Burgundy, but we have to admit they are getting a little pricey even when bought locally, so we think the lesser known wine regions deserve a closer look.

Two little beauties

These latest two discoveries (pictured right) were €3.80 per bottle, but they taste a good deal more expensive than that. The red is 100% Merlot, “L’Olivet 2013” from Les Vignerons d’Argeliers, and the white 100% Chardonnay, “Grandiose 2013” from Les Producteurs Reunis. Both were very drinkable despite their tender age.

Other wines from the region that we have enjoyed recently are Picpoul de Pinet (white), Faugères (red), Saint-Chinian (red) and Blanquette de Limoux (sparkling), but there are hundreds more to discover.

There are many reasons to visit the Languedoc-Roussillon region apart from the wine, including the medieval city of Carcassonne, the pretty villages along the Canal du Midi and bustling fishing ports like Sète.

We would never have thought of making wine the main reason for a Languedoc trip, but based on our recent experience we would recommend a wine tour through the region. And we’re not the only ones; according to Creme-de-Languedoc, Master of Wine Matthew Stubbs describes it as “the most exciting and spectacular place to make wine on Earth!”

Create a free tour

Why not create your own wine trail through this interesting region and let us know how you get on? You can even stay overnight at many Languedoc vineyards for free in your campervan via the wonderful “France Passion” programme – too which we provide free membership during your hire. The programme is simple: we pay the annual membership fee and you get to enjoy the benefits of staying overnight in a whole host of interesting places, free of charge, including onvineyards and with local food producers.

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