Lights, campervans and video ACTION!

15 Mar

“Our motorhome range” and “How to” videos on our You Tube channel are coming soon!

Lights, campervan and video ACTION!

Recently, clients have been asking us to make videos about all sorts of things, from our vehicle range to the vehicle handover briefings.

We are definitely going to do these videos, plus others on all sorts of interesting and useful subjects.

In fact, we are in the process of writing scripts, appointing a cameraman and figuring out how to edit them!  As soon as we add each video we will share it with you.

In the meantime …

…we are excited to show off  two of our 2017 campervans and four of our 2017 motorhomes in our new slideshow videos now published on YouTube. Please take a moment to check out the videos below and do please share with friends and family: (Top tip: if you don’t want totally irrelevant and inappropriate videos to play after ours, go to your YouTube account and turn the “autoplay” switch off. It’s located to the right of the “up next” menu of videos.)


The Euro-Traveller Campervan: the go-anywhere camper with all the equipment you need

The Euro-Traveller Prestige Campervan: our luxury campervan for two


Euro-Explorer Motorhome: the most popular 2-4 person vehicle on our fleet

Euro-Explorer Compact Prestige Motorhome: our smallest, yet most luxurious motorhome

The Euro-Voyager Motorhome: the most compact and easy-to-drive 6-berth motorhome available

The Euro-Voyager Prestige Motorhome: our luxury six-berth motorhome

We are keen to share client videos too, so please share any great footage you have from your campervan trip with us on Facebook and Google+.



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