Can we bring our pets with us on a campervan trip?

20 Sep

The question of whether clients can bring their pets with them on their RV/campervan trip comes up regularly.  Sadly we have to decline.  Here’s why…

No pets inside! A large white and tabby cat lying on the ground with RV, motorhome in backgroun

ASBO – the FMH depot cat – has the run of the yard but is not allowed to set a paw in our fleet of RVs

Everyone on Team FMH is an animal lover, so it pains us to say “No” to clients when they ask to bring a pet. But with so many people allergic to pets we have to take a firm stance and stick to it. That way all our clients – animal and non-animal lovers – know where they stand.

Many clients book with us because we guarantee our RVs have never carried pets. So, we cannot make exceptions, no matter how cute, small, well behaved or hypo-allergenic your pets are.

Even “ASBO”, the depot cat (pictured above) is strictly forbidden from our hire fleet; although she spends most of her waking hours trying to gain access to campervans and the laundry store. Thanks to her, all access doors have to be kept closed at all times, which is very inconvenient during the summer!

We are sorry that you can’t bring your pets on holiday if you hire from us, but if you decide to leave your “best friend” at home we’d be delighted to introduce you to our fur-free fleet.

If you have more questions about your RV / motorhome rental, please visit our very comprehensive FAQs, email us () or give us a call (from the UK & outside France: +33 386 88 07 78).

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