Quick update for clients following The Tour de France in a motorhome or campervan in 2014

17 Dec

There is currently still space at the campsite at Le Touquet (where Le Tour lands for the French re-start on 8th July) but not much so if you are planning to head there we suggest you book it very soon:

Last day of the Tour in Paris near the tunnel

There are other options in Le Touquet. The Office de Tourisme in the town say you can stay for free along the seafront or by the riding school (Avenue de la Dune aux Loups) but those planning to skip the UK part of Le Tour and go straight to Le Touquet will be there days ahead of time and the organisers of Le Tour may create all sorts of exclusion zones so with think it’s best to book the campsite (which is just 1km from the town centre) then you can be sure of a comfortable place to stay.

If you are heading to the finish in Paris in your motorhome or campervan, there are very few places to stay and it will be heaving. The Paris campsite at Bois de Boulogne is nearing full and they suggest you book by the end of December if you want a place. An alternative is to use a much nicer campsite called Jablines. It is set in a park out near Disneyland Paris and you can use the shuttle bus to get to the RER train station at Disneyland and then on into Paris. Here are the links to both the Paris campsite at Bois de Boulogne and Jablines:



If you have not already done so, book your slots now so you can be the one of the smug few sitting in your director’s chair with a glass of something cool whilst all those who did not plan ahead park miles away!

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