Do you have a Ryder Cup 2018 “Catch-22”? We have a great solution!

02 Aug

Find out how to solve the 2018 Ryder Cup ticket allocation-accommodation “Catch-22” with our great motorhome hire idea!

The Ryder Cup: player teeing off on beautiful sunny, green golf course.

Come and watch the best in the world play golf in France at the 2018 Ryder Cup and play some yourself on some of the world’s oldest courses.

In September 2018, the Ryder Cup comes to mainland Europe for the first time since 1997, and to France for the first time ever.

You have just under a month to register your interest in buying tickets, so now is the time to do it. The event takes place from 25th to 30th September 2018, with practice days on the first three days and match days on the last three.

Getting tickets and organising travel for any popular sporting event is, frankly, a bit of a lottery. The 2018 Ryder Cup is no exception – and its timing creates a “Catch-22” when it comes to planning the trip. Why? Well, now is the time to book your accommodation and make travel plans, but you won’t know whether you have secured tickets until later this year.

To have any hope of getting tickets you have to create a ticket account on The Ryder Cup website ( before the beginning of September. The organisers explain that tickets will then be allocated on a “first come, first served basis”. So, you’ll have no idea of the actual date you will be notified or your chances of getting tickets. Needless to say, the very day tickets are allocated everything from flights to accommodation will become scarce and expensive.

The non-Russian Roulette answer to your Ryder Cup travel plans

The only way to avoid entering the ticket lottery and guarantee you will get tickets is to sign up to a very expensive, accommodation-inclusive package. That is not generally the approach our intrepid, independent, self-sufficient motorhome hire clients like to take!

We really feel for golf fans out there who either have to submit to a pricey hotel package or play Russian ticket and travel roulette. So, we have come up with a great idea to take the risk out of planning a Ryder Cup trip.

Motorhome parked in front of a French chateau getting in place to watch the Ryder Cup

You may not be welcome to park one our motorhomes at Le Golf National for the Ryder Cup but there are good campsites very nearby

Our depot is just 1hr 35 minutes from the Ryder Cup venue, Le Golf National in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, and there are good campsite options really near to the venue that are even close enough to cycle to. Hiring one of our motorhomes, with our hire bikes, will offer a really convenient, cost effective and flexible alternative to booking an all-inclusive package.

Why not plan a two-week trip to France around the dates of the Ryder Cup and have a “Plan B” if you don’t get the tickets? Having a couple of weeks “to kill” in France if you don’t get the tickets is not exactly a great hardship. You might even take up the opportunity to play some of the great French golf courses that are peppered all over the country (many of which are an easy drive from our base).

Even the three-star hotel/ticket packages on offer start at over €4000 for a five-night trip. Compare that to campervan hire for a 14-night trip (e.g. Friday 21st September to Friday 5th October) at €1700! We think you’ll see why this is a great solution.  If you do get tickets, your accommodation is already booked plus you get a nice break in France either side of the main event.  If you don’t get tickets you still get a holiday in La Belle France with your accommodation already sorted in an immaculate, modern motorhome with your own kitchen and bathroom!

If you don’t get Ryder Cup tickets and need help with suggestions on where to go, we will give you a FREE trip itinerary featuring our top suggestions on places to visit in France over two weeks…with or without golf courses.

What are you waiting for? Book your motorhome now!

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