For Sale: Budget, Standard and Prestige Motorhomes and Campervans!

16 Nov

It’s time for our annual sale of our own two-year-old ex-rental motorhomes and campervans and clients’ brokerage vehicles. Ever thought about buying instead of renting? Now’s a great time to do it…

A German-built Euro-Traveller Prestige Campervan

We keep our vehicles on the hire fleet for a maximum of two seasons, so every year, at about this time, we sell some of our ex-rental vehicles to make way for the brand-new vehicles arriving in the spring of 2017..

Budget, Standard and Prestige Motorhomes and Campervans Now for Sale!

A Euro Voyager Motorhome for sale

At the beginning of 2016, we launched a new “Prestige” range of German-built motorhomes and campervans – some of those are now for sale… for the first time! We’re also selling several of our standard fleet vehicles, and even have some budget campervans as well as slightly older models returning to be sold on brokerage for clients who purchased in previous years.

Whether you are looking for a reliable campervan on a tight budget, or a luxury model, our friendly, English-speaking team are here to help you make the right choice. Our ex-rental vehicles are extremely well maintained, spotlessly clean and ready to use.  Take a look at all of the vehicles we are selling on our vehicle sales website:

Budget, Standard and Prestige Motorhomes and Campervans Now for Sale!

For Sale: a Euro-Explorer Compact Prestige Motorhome

If you are planning a long-term trip and cannot decide whether to hire or buy, read our advice page, ‘Should I hire or buy?’.

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