The eight best cycle routes in France!

23 May

I just stumbled across a blog offering “the eight best cycle routes in France”. Truthfully, there are so many epic cycle routes in France, it would be a tricky task to pick just eight.

Interesting cycling routes in France

Anyone who has a tried and tested French cycle route and takes the time to share their top picks with the rest of us is to be applauded and these routes do look very interesting.

If you are coming to France for a motorhome trip and bringing your bikes but are short on planning time, why not just follow in someone else’s tyre tracks and pick one of their routes, head there and follow it then visit the “Office de Tourisme” in that region to get details of the many other cycle routes to enjoy.

The eight best cycle routes in France

The Burgundy and Loire Valley routes are particularly easy, short drives from our depot and would make great regions to base yourself in for a week of cycling and sightseeing.

Each region boasts a huge number of well documented cycle routes to enjoy and any of the tourist information offices will be happy to share the details with you.

The great thing about a motorhome trip is you don’t have to plan ahead. Just decide on a destination and head there, taking your accommodation with you for a truly spontaneous, “access all areas” break.

Here’s the blog that inspired my blog:

If you have not already booked your cycling trip in a motorhome, get a quote and book it now.

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