What are the advantages of hiring a motorhome?

13 Feb

Motorhome and campervan holidays are the perfect way to meet new people and tour the country in an economical way. Once you fully experience the motor home lifestyle, you’ll soon realise that it’s one of the best ways to explore a particular destination and enjoy the benefits of RV living. France Motorhome Hire offer motorhome and campervan holidays in France and Europe, in addition to long-term motorhome hire. We also offer family motorhome hire, giving you the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with the family whilst exploring France and its beautiful surroundings.

So, why else should you hire a motorhome or campervan this year?

  • You’ll feel at home in your motorhome. Our motorhomes are complete with plenty of top-notch living facilities so you’re bound to feel like you’re at home – only you’ll be touring Europe at the same time! All of our motorhome’s sleeping, dining and bathroom facilities make for a cosy, comfortable and contented living environment.
  • You have plenty of freedom and everything you could ever need. With a motorhome holiday, you can stop and take breaks whenever you like. You can also travel around whatever part of France or Europe that takes your fancy and take the opportunity to meet new people along the way. Not only this, but you won’t have to cart huge suitcases about, check in or out of hotels or go on the lookout for food – simply keep your motorhome stocked up on the essentials and you’ll have everything right at your fingertips!
  • You can fully appreciate the great outdoors. You can engage in a whole medley of fantastic outdoor activities or even follow an itinerary and see what France has got in store for you. Why not take off on a last-minute wine tour with your partner or a few friends? Check out our suggested itineraries.
  • Plenty of campgrounds around. Campgrounds are available and easily accessible all around Europe, providing you with the chance to socialise with others who are engaging in a similar motorhome experience. There’s a whole multitude of private, public and government-owned campgrounds to choose from and we even provide membership of a great scheme that offers free overnight halts at the invitation of farmers, winemakers and whole host of other interesting venues.
  • Children feel more comfortable in a motorhome. Sometimes long car journeys and lengthy air travel can make children irritable and fidgety, since they’re staying in the same place for a while without any home comforts. With a motorhome however, you can stop anywhere to explore and run off some energy; eat what you want, when it suits the family; play games or draw pictures as they travel in a comfy seat with a table. They can also have the chance to enjoy the outdoors and enjoy some unsupervised time in the safety of a campsite, some of which are specifically tailored to family groups and even provide entertainment for the children.
  • Cheaper than travelling by car or airline. Comparison research has found that with a motorhome holiday, you’re bound to save a few pennies than if you were to travel by car or airline and stay in hotels.

If you’re considering a motorhome holiday in France or hiring a campervan, please get in touch – we’ll more than happy to talk through the latest vehicles on offer, which are all prepared to the highest living standards at reasonable prices.

France Motorhome Hire is run by English owners Phil and Hannah Spurge. Why not get a quick quote and see how competitive a motorhome holiday can be?

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