Why are motorhomes in France filling so fast for 2014?

10 Dec

By the canalWe hear it all the time from returning clients “France is the best country in the world to tour in a motorhome or campervan” and the word seems to have got out because despite adding more vehicles to the fleet for next year, we are already 43% booked for the 2014 season and still a couple of weeks from Christmas!

France has a simply fantastic reputation for extending a warm welcome to motorhome users and it is well deserved but what exactly sets it apart from other countries?

There is little doubt that the events commemorating the start of World War One have caused a bit of an influx of visitors hiring motorhomes for 2014 but it’s not just that, we think it is a combination of many factors…

When it comes to things to see and do France has it all, stunning and varied countryside, historic landmarks, architectural delights, pretty villages, vibrant cities, rivers, beaches, lakes, mountains, forests and heaps of open space (the same population as the UK with twice the land mass!). Then there are the world class sporting events, festivals and spectacular shows – it’s hard to know where to start when deciding what to fit into a French trip.

Fine French Wine

France’s reputation for food and wine is well deserved too. From farmer’s markets to Michelin starred restaurants, quaffing wines to sophisticated Bordeaux, whether you are travelling on a shoestring or spending like a lottery winner, you will enjoy great food and wine as you travel through France.

The people of France have their priorities right and set aside time for the important things in life such as family and loved ones, food, wine and relaxation. It takes a couple of days to acclimatise from our frenetic existence when we arrive but trickling around this peaceful, historic country in a motorhome ensures you adjust quickly and really unwind.

The “live and let live” approach to life here means you can park and spend the night just about anywhere. Apart from the very well-known touristy areas, there are few restrictions on where to stop so your trip can be truly spontaneous.

If you prefer a more formal overnight halt, France has around 11,000 campsites (second only to the US in the world!) and many of them are run by the towns to encourage your visit so prices are very reasonable.


To further tempt you to visit the towns and villages, many communities offer free overnight halts for motorhome and campervan users and The France Passion scheme (free with every France Motorhome Hire booking) offers a totally unique selection of free places to stay from vineyards to farms.

Crime against motorhome travellers is very rare here (in four years of renting out motorhomes, only one of ours has even been broken into in France and that was in a public car park in a very touristy area with a laptop and GPS left on display!).

What other country in the world offers a magnificent array of things to do and see, a wealth of motorhome facilities, a safe and welcoming atmosphere for motorhome travellers and the best food and wines you can find?

That’s right – there aren’t any so if you have not already done so, get on and book your next French motorhome adventure before the word spreads and we are all booked up for another year!

We hope to see you in La Belle France in 2014.

Hannah and the FMH team

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