Wild swimming in France

16 May

If your idea of a motorhome trip does not include heading to a campsite every night the chances are you won’t like swimming in public swimming pools or crowded seaside resorts either so we’d like to introduce you to wild swimming in France.

France is literally awash with spectacular natural bathing pools such as lakes, rivers and waterfalls making it a wild swimmers paradise.

Wild Swimming France

Some are really easy to find like the 1,300 “Official” River Beaches.  Others are off the beaten track and a little harder to unearth but with three sets of mountains and vast areas of untamed wilderness, there is always a plentiful supply of crystal clear, fresh water to swim in here in France.

Many of our clients have stumbled across wonderful bathing pools whilst exploring this beautiful landscape and if you simply head for a river or lake, you are bound to find somewhere to swim.  However, if you prefer to head straight for the wild swimming highlights, we recommend this fabulous book, Wild Swimming France by Daniel Start –  http://www.wildswimming.co.uk/

Wild Swimming France

In addition to listing over 400 magical swimming locations from the azure- blue pools of Provence to the hot springs of the Pyrenees, the book gives great tips on safety, what to take with you and advice on finding your own locations too.  There is even a section on appropriately wild campsites to accompany the wild swimming spots so order your copy today, book your campervan and come enjoy a wild, refreshing dip or two while the sun is shining.

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