The world’s biggest motorhome and caravan show

06 Sep

We just got back from the Dusseldorf Motorhome and Caravan Show….here’s what’s new and trending plus other discoveries…

The Dusseldorf Motorhome Show

Looking down at the crowds enjoying the Dusseldorf Motorhome Show

We thought the Paris equivalent of the Motorhome and Caravan Show was pretty big, but this show totally dwarfs it, with 18 giant halls of motorhomes, caravans and camping accessories. We went to look at 2018 campervan ranges and to negotiate with our manufacturers. We came away feeling we could not have seen a more complete view of what is currently available and what is coming soon in motorhomes.

Well done Germany! This show is run with true German efficiency and was really well managed. The facilities at the show exceed any previous exhibition we have ever seen, from signage to information points. Added to that all creature comforts are extremely well catered for (there are cafes everywhere and practically one immaculate loo per visitor!).

Campsite at Dusseldorf Motorhome Show

The campsite at the Dusseldorf Motorhome Show

Fantastic organisation!

The organisers even have an 800-place, on-site campsite (photo above) with a restaurant and shower blocks, so you can stay right at the exhibition in your campervan, as we did. The campsite is about 200 metres from the River Rhine and there is a cycle path all the way along the river that takes you into Dusseldorf, so you can cycle into the city centre for a drink or supper too.

E Home at The Dusseldorf Motorhome Show

The E Home at the Dusseldorf Motorhome Show

As well as impressive new motorhome styling and some interesting new layouts, we saw innovation too in the form of new concepts such as the “E-Home” – an electric drive motorhome (pictured above, and yes, it is covered in solar panels!) and the “Deseo” concept caravan that has a door the size of a whole end wall for a truly great view! (see my video below). We are told these huge doors are coming soon to motorhomes too.

T@B at The Dusseldorf Motorhome Show

[email protected] at the Dusseldorf Motorhome Show

We also thought the “[email protected]” caravan was fun and extremely cute (photo above).

If you are thinking of buying a motorhome or caravan and want to see the biggest selection of them in one place, this is the place to do it. However, be warned…wear comfy shoes as it involves one hell of a lot or walking to see it all!

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