Driving to us to collect a motorhome

If you are within sensible driving range of our mid-France location, why not drive here in your own car?

If your idea of a holiday doesn’t include travelling by public transport, hanging around in airports with hundreds of others or queuing for trains only to arrive at your destination to find a grotty hotel or damp villa, driving to us in your own car and picking up an immaculate motorhome might be for you.

Leave home in your own car, pick up a motorhome, unpack only once then take your accommodation with you, stocked with everything you like to eat and drink. If you arrive at a planned destination and don’t like it, just move on and find somewhere you do like then linger there as long you fancy!

Finding nice places to linger in France is ridiculously easy and if you don’t feel like covering too many miles you really don’t have to. France Motorhome Hire’s rental depot nestles between beautiful Burgundy and The Loire Valley so you won’t run out of magical things to see and do – even if you don’t stray further than a couple of hours driving from our base.

There are some of the world’s top wine makers, breathtaking architecture, markets, museums, chateaux, lakes, rivers, canals, pretty villages, impressive cities, pastoral landscapes and even Europe’s longest aqueduct all on our doorstep.

Our mid-France depot is the perfect starting point for exploring France or for longer Europe wide trips – we are just minutes from the Autoroute network for easy access to greater distances and yet have enough to keep most travelers occupied for weeks right on our doorstep.

We’ll happily store your car FOR FREE whilst you are renting from us and you can leave your unpacked luggage too so it doesn’t take up space inside your motorhome.