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Is gluten free in France possible?

22 Jun
The gluten-free stamp 'Sans Gluten' seen on produce in France

As anyone who has celiac or coeliac disease knows, a gluten-free diet while in France is absolutely essential for their well-being. Equally, gluten sensitivity requires vigilance to avoid the onset of all the symptoms that eating gluten can produce. So eating out can be a big challenge, potentially a health risk and therefore quite stressful. […]

The things you see from a motorhome as you drive through Burgundy!

15 Jun

Here are some of the beautiful places and views our clients have spotted through the windows of their motorhomes and campervans while driving in our part of Burgundy…the rolling hills of the Yonne department. We particularly like the unknown chateau (below) that Kyle and Michelle Evans from Canada spotted while driving through the Morvan National […]

Where can I service my campervan’s fresh & waste water in France?

08 Jun

Many of our first-time hirers ask where they can service their waste water and fill up with fresh water while travelling in France. The simple answer is, there are lots of options here. In France, there’s a good network of “Aires de Services Camping-Cars” (campervan servicing points). Not to be confused with regular “Aires de […]