Local hotels

It’s a great idea to spend a relaxing night in a local hotel prior to collecting your motorhome the next day. We strongly recommend a night in a hotel between arriving in France and coming to collect your motorhome. With the general level of stress and inevitable delays involved in international travel, heading for a hotel with no real deadline is a much more sane start to a motorhome trip than trying to make it straight to the depot and pick up a large, unfamiliar vehicle!

Staying in Sens is a good deal better value than staying in Paris and being so close to our depot it offers a very leisurely start to your trip. Sens itself is a pretty city with a famous Cathedral and many restaurants and shops to occupy you for your short stay.

There are literally hundreds of hotels in the area around Sens but rather than overface you with a vast list, we thought we’d just list the ones that are actually in the town of Sens for those arriving by train/hire car and the ones nearest our depot for those arriving by car:  All the hotels below are within a 15 minute drive of our depot.

The following hotels are within the centre of Sens:

Inter-Hotel Archotel
9 Cours Tarbé,
89100 Sens,
France ‎

Tel                   +33 3 86 64 26 99 ‎ ·
Web                Archotel Sens
E-mail            [email protected]


Hotel de Paris et de la Poste
97 Rue de la République,
89100 Sens,
France ‎

Tel                   +33 3 86 65 17 43
Web                 www.hotel-paris-poste.com
E-mail             [email protected]


Maison d’hotes (Bed and Breakfast)
(English speaking owners Diane and Michel Verdan, also have their accommodation on Airbnb  or you can book directly via email or phone.
11 Rue du Coup de Pied de Mocquesouris
89100 Sens

Tel                  +33 6 45 40 27 92
E-mail            [email protected]



These hotels are all within 15 minutes drive of our depot:

Hotel IBIS and IBIS BUDGET                         
(6 kms from our depot)

2 Avenue Henri Delanne
Rocade Sud D660
89100  SENS

IBIS ***

Tel                   (+33)3/86645555
Web                 http://www.ibis.com/gb/hotel-7367-ibis-sens/index.shtml
Email               [email protected]


Tel                   (+33)8/92700440
Web                 http://www.ibis.com/gb/hotel-7419-ibis-budget-sens/index.shtml
Email               [email protected]


Auberge de l’Helix                         
(2 kms from our depot)

52 Route Nationale 6,
89100, Rosoy,(nr Sens)
France ‎

Tel                   +33 3 86 97 92 10
Web                 www.auberge-helix.fr
Email               [email protected]


Hôtel ET Résidence HAVANA                        
(9 kms from our depot)

3 Rue des Clerimois,
89100 Sens,

Tel                   +33 3 86 64 10 64 ‎
Web                 www.hotel-havana.com
Email               [email protected]


Hotel Virginia
(11 kms from our depot)

Route de Troyes
89100 Malay-le-Grand

Tel                   +33 3 86 64 10 64
Web                 http://hotel-virginia.fr/ 
E-mail              [email protected]


Premiere Classe
(10 kms from our depot)

ZA Fontaine d’Azon
2, rue des Fondrieres
89100 Saint Clement

Tel                   +33 3 86 64 32 79
Web                 www.premiereclasse.com/en/france
Email               [email protected]