Motorhome Hires – Why choose France for your motorhome trip?

Apart from it being the world’s number one tourist destination, there are many reasons to hire a motorhome in France. You may be coming for a holiday, to house hunt, buy wine, attend an event or visit relatives who don’t have enough room to accommodate you.

Our mid-France depot is the perfect starting point for exploring central France or for longer Europe wide trips. We are just minutes from the Autoroute network for easy access to greater distances and yet have enough to keep most travelers occupied for weeks right on our doorstep.

By starting your trip in the heart of rural France you’ll save time and money as well as getting off to a stress free start on our quiet rural roads.

Renting in France also means you will be driving a motorhome that is suitable for use all over continental Europe – not only is the steering wheel on the correct (left-hand) side but, very importantly, the entrance door to the motorhome accommodation will be on the correct side too so you don’t have to step out into traffic whenever you pull up at the side of the road.

Whatever the reason for your visit, the French extend a warm welcome to motorhome users and provide facilities (many of which are totally free) to help make your trip go smoothly. France Motor Home Hire vehicles come with all the relevant guides to the free overnight halts, tank emptying/water filling options so you don’t miss out on the vast network of facilities provided by the state and towns to encourage your visit.

Even the campsites are often subsidised and run by the towns to offer excellent, affordable sites with well maintained facilities and easy access to the town centres.

Whichever part of France you plan to explore and no matter how long you plan to spend here or how far you want to travel, you won’t run out of interesting things to do and sights to see. France is simply the best country in the world to visit in a motorhome.