How to do all sorts of things on a motorhome or campervan trip in France

How to do all sorts of things on a motorhome or campervan trip in France

You have probably noticed The FMH team are prolific blog writers on all sorts of topics and whenever one of our clients asks us how to do something, we try to add the answer as a blog.

If you are wondering what happens when you arrive to collect your campervan, how to use French toll roads or even where to get your laundry done during your trip, we have written about it so scroll through our relevant blogs (below) to see if we have already written a detailed answer on whatever topic you are hoping to learn more about.

If you have a topic relating to motorhomes or France, just send us an e-mail and we will reply (and probably turn it into a blog post too!).

Here are the “How To” blogs we have written so far…

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Read our 7 tips to prepare, pay for and pass through French autoroute tolls in a motorhome or campervan without delays, hiccups or stress… A toll (péage) on a French autoroute Methods for extracting fees from motorists to use the road network seem to be different in just about every country in the world. Even […]

We like to encourage our clients to visit our local cathedral city of Sens. Here’s why… Just seven kilometres from our depot, Sens is our nearest sizeable town and many clients spend a night in a hotel there to recover from their journey to France before picking up their motorhome. Sens is much less expensive […]

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Many of our first-time hirers ask where they can service their waste water and fill up with fresh water while travelling in France. The simple answer is, there are lots of options here. In France, there’s a good network of “Aires de Services Camping-Cars” (campervan servicing points). Not to be confused with regular “Aires de […]

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There are many reasons that you might want to share a motorhome with friends or family, but if your group is bigger than six people, or indeed if you just want some space to yourself, travelling in convoy is a great solution. Read on for our 10 tried and tested campervan convoy tips… A campervan […]