Do you need to speak French for a Motorhome trip in France?

Visiting any foreign country can be challenging unless you speak a fair bit of the local language. So, is it really possible to hire a motorhome, book restaurants, buy food, find your way around and check into campsites without any French language? We think it is, but our motorhome and campervan basic French will definitely help…

Parlez-vous Français? Do you speak French?

France has a bit of reputation for being unaccommodating of those who don’t speak French but if you learn a few simple words, communication becomes a lot easier.

For at least 20 years, English has been widely taught in French schools and a surprising number of people do know more than a few words – the trick is getting them to use them!

We find the main reason most French people are reluctant to speak English is because they lack confidence in their English language skills and are nervous about getting it wrong and making a fool of themselves – it is just as uncomfortable for them to try to speak the English they learnt years ago as it is for us to try to speak the French we learnt at school and haven’t used since.

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