How to save money during your motorhome trip in France

Budget is a consideration for almost all travellers. When compared to many other holidays, a motorhome or campervan trip can provide a very cost effective option. Read on to find out exactly why with our 14 money-saving tips…

A motorhome parked up with seating area

A motorhome or campervan gives you so much flexibility

Although the cost of hiring may initially appear on the high side, once you start your trip, the costs become very reasonable indeed – especially when compared to a hotel or villa-based holiday.

In a hotel you are at the mercy of others when it comes to eating or drinking and a week or two of every single meal at inflated restaurant prices can add up to a huge bill. In a motorhome you can find the perfect balance of preparing your own meals and eating out, leaving you with a much better budget for the other aspects of an enjoyable holiday.

A holiday villa may appear to offer the same benefits, as you can certainly self-cater for meals, but you’ll either have to rent a car to get around or base yourselves in a town centre where prices for just about everything are higher. A motorhome offers you a villa and car all in one with the added benefit of being able to choose whatever facilities you fancy on a daily basis. If you feel like swimming in a pool you don’t have to head for an expensive hotel, just head for a campsite that has one!

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