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Gourmet food in France

Mention the word Gourmet to pretty much anybody and “France” is going to pop into their head. This is not by chance! France just about invented the whole idea of gourmet food with the development of regional dishes into sophisticated pieces of art, created by master chefs from the best kitchens in the world. No surprise to find the word originated in France in the 18th century and that in 2010 French Gastronomy was added to the UNESCO world list of intangible cultural heritages!

However we would not like you to think that all the best food is reserved for high end restaurants, absolutely not, the French are nothing if not democratic and they believe that everybody is entitled to eat well from the farm labourer to the millionaire!! Indeed, in our view, one of the best meals in France is a simple crusty baguette baked freshly, smothered in delicious paté and washed down with a little local wine …stunning in the countryside while basking in the Gallic sunshine!

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