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Meet the France Motorhome Hire dream team!

24 Aug
Meet the France Motorhome Hire dream team!

Although motorhome hire is a seasonal business, we don’t believe in seasonal staff so we have a full-time, permanent France Motorhome Hire team. Years in the seasonal travel sector has taught us that if you want to have an experienced, mature, loyal team who can maintain high standards, you must retain them year-round. Rather than […]

‘Tis the season for Al Fresco dining in France!

10 Aug
Perfectly ripe avocado for al fresco dining

The weather is gorgeous all over France now, so it’s possible to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner outside. And with all the divine fresh produce available in August along with a barbecue and gas hob there’s an almost limitless selection of meals you can create from your campervan kitchen. Here is one of my favourite […]