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French idioms are funnier than ours!

25 Jan
French idioms are funnier than ours!

Just like in English, there are many idioms in French, but they just seem funnier than ours especially when literally translated. Instead of “to call a spade a spade” they say “appeler un chat un chat” or “to call a cat a cat”! Here are some other French idioms that are like ours but amusingly […]

Let me tell you about our secret walks on the wild side

18 Jan

Discover an area full of publicly accessible walks right on our doorstep! I picked up a great little book at our local Office de Tourisme in Sens last week. It shows 24 walks in the Pays d’Othe (pronounced “Pay Dot”) region of Burgundy. This little, hidden area starts in the village of Véron – home […]

Why you need to know 2017 French public holiday dates

04 Jan

Together with France’s national holiday dates and some planning you won’t get stuck without provisions during a French public holiday… We thought you might like to know when the French public holidays fall in 2017, as they may be different to ones you are familiar with in other countries. Public holidays (see below) can be […]