English Motorhome Trip Advice

Advice for Clients from the UK


  • “Buy some of the great dishes made in the delicatessens (called “Traiteur” in France). Stews such as Poulet à la Bretonne from the north or Bouillabaisse from the south are easy to heat up on your campervan hob. They also make pâtés, terrines, cured meats and prepared cold dishes too so if you pick up a dessert from the patisserie you have a pretty incredible, three course meal without even troubling the knife and chopping board. Add cheese if you want to make it four courses. Don’t forget to chill some wine!”
  • “If you are tea drinkers, bring some tea bags with you. You’d need about three French tea bags to make a drinkable cup of tea! The coffee is great though and all FMH campers come with a plunger style coffee maker to make the good stuff.”
  • “Head for the “Office de Tourisme” (Tourist Information Office) in any town to get information about everything from local events to free places you can stay in a motorhome.”
  • “Drive slowly in your motorhome, especially in the villages and on narrow roads to avoid damage.”
  • “When getting euros for your holiday, don’t get any notes bigger than €50 as they are not accepted in most bars and shops. Even a €50 might be declined so it’s best to have smaller notes.”
  • “Go to as many markets as you can whilst in France they are the best place to buy fruit, vegetables and cheese. They are pretty pricey but worth it.”
  • “French campsites are great for families, we felt our children were in a really safe environment the whole trip and many sites had child friendly facilities like paddling pools, animals to pet and play areas.”
  • “Crime seems to be really rare outside of the big cities but it’s easy to keep your valuables hidden and out of temptation’s way so you should. If you do head for a big city or town and plan to go out for the day, leave the motorhome on a campsite where it will be safe.”
  • “If you travel to the FMH depot by car and arrive in France at Calais, take the motorway route via Reims/Troyes. It is a bit further than going via Paris but very fast with a clear road.”
  • “You can park anywhere in France as long as you are considerate and don’t have to stick to campsites or even the free places provided for motorhomes.  We have stayed pretty much wherever we fancied and were not moved on once.”
  • “If you like wine and are coming from the UK, bring your car so you can buy some and take it home. Tasting wine at the vineyards in Burgundy is incredible and you can stay at a number of them with the “France Passion” scheme. Wine is much less expensive in France than in the UK.”
  • “Try staying at some France Passion stopovers, the ones we stayed on were great and they are free!”

If you are a FranceMotorhomeHire customer from the UK and would like to share some tips or advice, send us an email with your recommendations!