New Zealander Campervan Trip Advice

Advice for Clients from New Zealandnz

  • “Don’t try to go too far you will see less and it will make your trip very expensive.”
  • “We made our own three week tour of Burgundy and The Loire Valley and still didn’t have time to see everything there was to see in those regions. Coming from New Zealand on a first trip to Europe we had no idea how many charming places there would be to explore. We followed wine trails, saw about nine chateaux, several museums and art galleries, Troglodyte caves, and explored literally hundreds of pretty villages. We swam in and cycled along the Rivers Loire and Yonne and were often able to park overlooking them for the night. We discovered many great wines, some truly incredible cheeses and ate out in every type of restaurant from “Crêperies” to Michelin starred.”
  • “Lots of campsites have washing machines and dryers but they typically charge a very high fee to use them. If you are on a long trip it’s worth heading to a laundromat (but they can be a bit hard to park near).”
  • “Check your route by maps also rather than go by GPS only – to avoid ending up on roads and going into tunnels that you don’t fit.”
  • “Don’t go into Paris in your motorhome. The Parisians drive very aggressively, there is nowhere to park and it is illegal to spend the night parked on the street in the city in a motorhome. If you do want to visit Paris while you have the motorhome, leave it on one of the Paris campsites and head into the city by public transport. This probably applies to other big cities too.”
  • “If it’s getting late and you just want to settle down for the night and have a meal, try and find a restaurant with a car park and ask if you can stay there overnight. They will usually say yes.”
  • “If you are flying in, even if your flight arrives early in the morning, don’t try and collect your campervan the same day. There is lot to take in during the handover and you are then driving a large vehicle on the wrong side of the road. Spend a night or perhaps a few nights in Paris or Sens before you collect your van.”
  • “The Gorges de l’Ardèche is truly beautiful and well worth a visit if you are in that area. We also enjoyed The Abbey de Fontenay and the town of Beaune in Burgundy and would recommend them.”

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