7 Reasons to book your motorhome or campervan trip during the low season

02 Jan

Winter weather in France still has its fair share of sunshine and our vehicles are fully winter ready. Here are 7 reasons to travel during the low season:

warm and cosy motorhome

#1 – Cheaper hires

Our lowest rates are from mid-October to mid-April. We still offer considerably reduced rates up until June and beyond September.

#2 – Less crowded attractions

France is widely recognised as the most popular tourist destination in the world with approximately 85 million visitors a year. France is a large country but why not avoid the bulk of those with a low season trip.

#3 – Less Traffic

All of the 85 million visitors need to get around like you. Tour France with quieter roads and bask in the glory of avoiding the worst of the traffic.

#4 – Cheaper Flights

The price of flights notoriously varies across the year. Whether it’s a short journey from the UK or a long haul from Australia, plan your trip during the low season for cheaper rates.

#5 – Scenic Weather

Sure wall to wall sunshine is great in the summer but explore different regions of France with contrasting winter light, misty mornings and starry nights.

#6 – Free Overnight Scenic Stops

We include free membership of the France Passion scheme. This gives you exclusive access to thousands of overnights stops including Châteaux, Vineyards and Farms. Most are open all year round so no need to worry about campsite opening dates.

#7 – Motorhome servicing is always available

Typically Air de Services are open all year round and simple to use. You can empty your waste water and refill your water tanks at thousands of convenient locations.


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