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‘Tis the season for Al Fresco dining in France!

10 Aug
Perfectly ripe avocado for al fresco dining

The weather is gorgeous all over France now, so it’s possible to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner outside. And with all the divine fresh produce available in August along with a barbecue and gas hob there’s an almost limitless selection of meals you can create from your campervan kitchen. Here is one of my favourite […]

First stop, grocery shopping!

20 Apr

Where can I do a grocery shop, right after I’ve picked up my motorhome? When it comes to grocery shopping, there are lots of choices within ten minutes of our depot. From medium-sized supermarkets to mammoth hypermarkets (that sell everything from inflatable swimming pools to washing machines and every imaginable foodstuff), we have all the […]

Enjoy the wine festivals of France in a campervan

30 Mar
Enjoy the wine festivals of France in a campervan

The French wine festival season got off to a great start over the Easter weekend in the beautiful setting of the Hospice de Tonnerre in Burgundy. For a fee of just €2 per person, everyone was issued with a wine glass on arrival then invited to taste all of the wines at the festival for […]

It’s Watercress Season!

11 Nov

Watercress… A superfood right on our doorstep! The “Cressonnière de Veron” (watercress farm) in our village has just opened its gates for the first time since the spring, and will remain open all winter. Our depot is right in the middle of a village with all sorts of amenities, which means we are lucky enough […]

Delicious French mountain food…but not in the mountains!

05 Nov

Enjoying French mountain food in the lowlands of France is like having your cake and eating it… We have been dying to talk about mountain restaurants that serve hearty winter food for months. Now that it’s November, it seems like a great time to mention them! Although, having said that, we’re not feeling too chilly […]

It’s Mont d’Or season!

06 Oct
Mont d'Or Cheese

There are lots of things to love about France in the autumn but one of the most sublime seasonal treats has to be Mont d’Or cheese.  Only available from autumn to early spring, this unctuous, soft, rich cheese from the Jura region can be devoured at room temperature or baked in the oven then served […]

Top Ten French Cheeses

20 Jan

France Motorhome Hire’s Hannah Spurge suggests a shortlist of the must try French cheeses for visitors from overseas This is probably the hardest shortlist anyone ever had to make. With about 400 different cheeses to choose from (56 of which are classified, protected, and regulated under French law!), it takes real front for an English […]