Two tips to make your Motorhome Holiday in Europe even better

09 Aug

This year, many of our customers have visited us from the other side of the world, for all sorts of special occasions.

So far, we’ve been privileged to welcome honeymooners, wedding anniversary celebrations, retirement and sabbatical holidays, and we appreciate these trips are a once a in a lifetime, bucket list event for customers. Especially customers that have travelled a long way to get to us.

As motorhome holidays are exclusively individual trips, it’s worth noting a couple of tips that our customers have made so far to make it truly memorable for all the right reasons.

1 – Start your holiday when you touch down in France

Enjoy a night or two in Paris before starting your motorhome holiday

Enjoy a night or two in Paris before starting your motorhome holiday.

Customers that have travelled more than six hours to get to us definitely prefer to spend a night or two in Paris before making their way down to the depot here in Véron.

Take your time chilling out and sight seeing in the most romantic capital city in the world. Get your body clock accustomed to the time zone and rest up.

Refreshed, it’s so easy to get a taxi-cab from your hotel to Gare de Bercy and take the 56 minute direct ride down to Sens where we can meet you at the station.

2 – Sort out your collision damage waiver cover

Relax safe in the knowledge you're covered

Relax safe in the knowledge you’re covered.

Although our vehicles have full comprehensive insurance, there is an excess of €2000 (€1500 for our Duos) that you will need to cover with a refundable deposit bond taken on your card when you arrive at the depot. This means that if a wing mirror gets clipped or a window gets cracked, it needs to be paid for from the deposit bond on your return.

Relax, these things happen, so enjoy the rest of the trip – we have this in hand. There is a choice of ways that you can cover yourself and reduce this deposit down by 50% to just €1000 (€750 for the Duo) or even further, down by 75% to just €500 (€375 for the Duo).

Obviously, there’s a daily charge for each of these  reductions:- €33 per day for the 50% reduction or €45 per day for the 75% reduction. Here’s the good news! – The charges are now capped at a maximum of 10 days no matter how long your trip! So, the maximum you would pay is €330 for the 50% reduction or €450 for the 75% reduction for the whole of your holiday. Something that is well worth considering for long trips!

With these two tips taken on board, all you will need to worry about is where to find the best adventures in Europe while you’re here!

Please contact us if you would also like more information about our All Inclusive Bundle (reduces the deposit bond down to 75% and includes all our optional extras for just €55 per day maximum charge of €550), or our Special Cover Package of just Windscreen, Tyre and Mirror cover for €13 per day (maximum charge €130).

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