France is a very sophisticated country but she has an interesting wild side too!

18 Apr

It may surprise you to hear that France is not all about culture, cities, historic architecture, fashion and gourmet cuisine. Nature is huge here too and nowhere is this more apparent than the wonderful National and Regional Parks.

Enjoy a campervan lunch in one of France's National or Regional Parks

I know our Australian, Canadian and American clients laugh when we describe France as a big country but to us Brits it is! The population of France is almost exactly the same as the UK but France has twice the land mass so there is a great deal more exciting wilderness to explore than we have on The Sceptred Isle.

From the lush, green Morvan Regional Park in Burgundy to the Eidelweiss clad slopes of The Vanoise National Park in The Alps, France’s green spaces offer magnificent wildlife, wonderful hiking or biking and some spectacular lakes in which to enjoy an array of watersports.

France's National Parks alway offer peaceful spots for overnight parking

Just like the rest of France, motorhomes and campervans are always well provided for in and around the parks so you can take your accommodation, kitchen and bathroom with you to even the most remote wilderness. This article from The Guardian gives you a good feel for what’s on offer in some of France’s better known parks.

Nice views overlooking water are almost guaranteed in France's National Parks

If it’s hot while you are exploring France (it probably will be all summer long), don’t slavishly stick to that plan to fit in non-stop cities, medieval villages and chateaux, head to one of France’s stunning natural parks and cool off in the crystal clear lakes, rivers and waterfalls.

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