How about a France motorhome holiday in beautiful Normandy?

27 Mar

How about a France motorhome holiday in beautiful Normandy?

Renowned for its spectacular seaside cliffs and impressive scenery, apple orchards and tasty fresh cheeses, Normandy is the region of France nestled northwest of Paris that gives travellers an enchanting medley of things to see and do. Normandy effortlessly combines a 360-mile coastline with a vibrant interior of rolling green hills – add to this some really great historical landmarks, lively market towns, thatched cottages, sandy beaches and quiescent country lanes (the list is endless!), Normandy is the perfect place to enjoy a motorhome holiday. Why not hire a campervan and delve into culturally rich Normandy?

Comprising five wonderfully varied counties, Normandy is a place that offers each visitor something completely unique, meaning you’ll never be twiddling your thumbs on your French motorhome holiday. Each county is characterised by something different: begin your campervan holiday at the popular Calvados region – a destination not to be missed. Characterised by its great orchards and tasty apple brandy, beautiful Calvados is a place to soak up some sun whilst fully experiencing a bite of French culture. Here, you can marvel at the famous D-Day landing beaches, which are lined with bunkers, military graveyards and D-Day museums. Calvados is home to the historical towns of Caen, Honfleur, Bayeux and the seaside towns of Deauville and Trouville. Each of these towns also offers a great mixture of cafes and restaurants, and not to forget beautiful scenery, of course.

Explore France’s culture a little more and visit Evreux, one of the oldest towns in France and the capital town of the department of Eure in Normandy. Cloaked in postwar architecture, fabulous museums and the spectacular Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Evreux a town that bursts with dramatic history. Pay a visit to Evreux’s Claude Monet House and Garden, before taking the time to marvel at the town’s famous Cathedral. The Fine Arts Museum in Roeun also caters for any individual who’s keen to delve into a spot of French artistry.

Another town that adds to Normandy’s beauty is the historic town of Manche. It forms the western coastline of Normandy and its home to plenty of natural attractions such as Hambye Abbey, Villedieu les Poeles and the Contentin Bessin Wetlands Park. Enveloped by tiny ports that are scattered along its beautiful coastline, Manche is definitely somewhere to take the camera, not just your campervan! Manche is also lined with pleasant sandy beaches, perfect for anyone who wants to settle back under the sun and relax somewhere peaceful during their motorhome holiday.

The town of Orne is equally naturally beautiful, with its trees, meadows and lakes forming an ideal place to unwind from the strain of day-to-day life. The Swiss Normandy, Parc Naturel Regional Normandy et Maine and the Perche are all destinations that clearly illustrate why Normany is the ideal place to enjoy a motorhome holiday. After you’ve toured around these breath-taking counties in your campervan, it’s time to visit the final one: the gorgeous Seine-Maritime. Decorated with dramatic cliff lines, lush countryside and of course, the River Seine, this is another country not to be missed.

So, why not hire a campervan and explore Normandy in all its glory? France Motorhome Hire is ideally located in central France, providing you with the perfect opportunity to fully experience any part of France that takes your fancy. We provide immaculate, reliable and carefully maintained campervans and motorhomes to all our customers.

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