How to plan your European campervan trip

24 Feb

Planning where to stay in your campervan in France and Europe

Vicarious books, great guide books for campervan trips

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We think you’ll get much more out of your trip to France and other European countries with a little pre-trip planning, particularly concerning where exactly you are going to park and sleep – whether that’s a farm, five-star campsite or a roadside aire. Here we explain how we help all our clients prepare and what you can do to get ahead.

We provide three guidebooks in each of our campervans so our clients can easily find places to stay as they travel:

1. Michelin guide to the campsites of France – the most comprehensive campsite guide available for France.
2. Aire de Service, France – a list of motorhome servicing points and free or inexpensive overnight halts all over France.
3. France Passion – we include membership of this great scheme offering free overnight halts in places like vineyards and farms all over France and it comes with a guide to all the places you can stay.

Pre-order some guides

However, many clients want to plan ahead and would like to see where they can stay before they arrive. Needless to say, we cannot send out our guidebooks as they live on the vehicles but we wanted to mention “Vicarious Books” for those who want to buy books ahead of their trip.

Vicarious Books is an independently owned publishing company in the UK that have made it their mission to provide well-researched guides for motorhome travellers and campers. The information within the guides is bang up to date, extremely accurate, and researched with all the passion of true campervan enthusiasts. As well as their own publications, they also sell selected guides and maps from other publishers.

A France Passion overnight stop

If you’d like to plan ahead, why not order some of their great guides so you can plan your trip from the comfort of your own living room before you come. Equally, if you are venturing outside of France during your trip and want to order guides for other countries, you can have them delivered to our depot so they are here when you arrive – just ask for them to be addressed as follows:

Your Name (or arriving client’s name)
SARL Direction France
10 Promenade de l’Ouest
89510 Veron

And, if you prefer not to order any guides but still want to plan ahead, the following two websites are also helpful when planning – though they won’t give you quite the same carefully researched information as the printed guides:

Tourist Board Goldmines

As always, another great source of information for trip planning is the regional tourist board in the area you are going to visit. Here is the link to our page of regional tourist boards who can provide you with an up-to-date list of places you can stay in a motorhome in their area:

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