Let’s talk about snails baby!

19 Jul

A change of pace in this week’s blog… After the frenetic action of the Tour de France, with clients coming and going, I’ve decided to slow things right down and talk about snails!

Live Burgundy snails crawling across tree trunk

Burgundy snails at the escargot farm

The FMH depot is based in Burgundy, where the food and wine is justifiably world famous. However, there is one local gourmet “treat” that I personally can live without…snails or escargots.

I get why people ate them during the war, or in other times of severe food shortages. But develop a taste for them and actually choose them from a menu where there are other options? I think not! I struggle to understand their appeal. Burgundy is famous for hunting and game too, but it’s hardly the thrill of the chase that leads one to capture and eat a snail. So why are they so popular?

A secret recipe

Actually, I don’t think that people are really raving about the taste of the snail itself, it is the garlic, butter and myriad of other ingredients that come with it. One of our French friends has an ancient family recipe that involves adding 17 other ingredients to the butter, so it’s no ordinary seasoning for sure. (Sorry can’t share the recipe with you as I have been sworn to secrecy.)

Snails fired in garlic butter

Snails cooked in garlic butter, parsley and 15 other ingredients!

I honestly think you could serve pretty much anything in that concoction and most people would declare it delicious. I myself am not keen on garlic, so have tried a snail “au nature” and can report that it tastes just like the glue on the back of a stamp. Urgh!

Kindred spirits?

I say leave the snails in peace, though gardeners probably would not agree. If you think about it, they are kindred spirits, as one of the very few species, other than campervan travellers, that take their homes wherever they go.

If you can’t resist eating snails while visiting our region, you will be spoilt for choice: practically every local restaurant features them, and Burgundy snails are said to be the best in the world. A couple of villages from us there’s even a snail “farm” (does that not conjure up some puzzling images?), where you can buy snails at their shop (Les Escargots d’Armeau), all ready-to-use in garlic butter.

Follow in the tracks of the world-famous Burgundy snails and come rent your own “shell” from us to explore our lovely region through our Burgundy blogs or via the excellent Burgundy Tourism website.

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