Our last few vehicles for sale this spring

16 Mar

Spring is in the air as family set off on a year-long motorhome trip!

The Makara family from Australia on their spring departure

It’s that time of the year when clients arrive thick and fast to collect the ex-hire campervans they have bought from us and head off on their extended campervan adventures.

The Makara family from Australia purchased our last-but-one big, family ex-hire motorhome. This is them on the first day of their year-long French and Spanish trip.

A spring start for the Makara's year-long trip

If you are heading off on a long campervan trip and think buying rather than hiring might be for you, take a look at our vehicle sales page: www.eurocampingcars.com

We are down to just a handful of vehicles for sale now, but still have a good range with one of two of each vehicle type from smaller van conversions to a big, family motorhome.

And if you are unsure whether to hire or buy for your trip, take a look at our advice page ‘Should I hire or buy?‘.

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