Dieting on a French motorhome trip is bad for the soul!

24 Jan

Hannah shows you how to eat like a queen (or king) on holiday in France while keeping your figure!

Man and woman with leisure bicycles - dieting

Take some bikes on your French motorhome trip for an access-all-areas solution that burns off some of that gourmet food!

If like me gourmet food and nice wines are high up your list of holiday priorities, you will always be faced with a dilemma during a French vacation. After many years of trying to find the balance between holiday indulgence and going home without too much “excess baggage” I have arrived at a simple and achievable solution, so I thought I’d share it with you.

My French holiday rules dictate that you should set about tasting as much gourmet food as you can and try every French cheese or wine you encounter. However, even whilst on holiday, calories taken in must not exceed calories out to avoid weight gain. So, if you are eating and drinking more than you usually do, you’ll have to do more of something to use up the calories you have taken on board!

You don’t want to hold back during your holiday but don’t want look like the Michelin Man either, so you simply have to use more of the extra energy you are taking on.

My solution to the holiday dieting dilemma?

Cycling. Not the, “Lycra-wearing, deliberately choosing to go up hills, fit person style of cycling”, but the “pottering around pretty villages, exploring chateaux and gathering food supplies” style of cycling.

Not only do bikes give you access to many places you cannot explore in a motorhome or car but cycling also burns calories, and if you use your bikes for sightseeing, getting to restaurants and gathering provisions, you’ll see so much more whilst burning off those culinary indulgences.

You don’t have to try and fit in great distances every day, just plan to spend some days on your bikes rather than driving. It’s very relaxing to park up your campervan for a couple of days at a time and set off by bike.

Abstinence may be good for the figure, but it is bad for the soul and souls should be nourished when on holiday. So, eat, drink and be merry throughout your motorhome holiday but deploy counter-measures in the battle against Bibendum and take some bikes on your trip too.

No bike? No problem!

Visit our webpage for more information about bringing your own bikes or hiring some from us for your gourmet campervan trip: ‘Hire a Motorhome or Campervan in France for cycling holidays‘.

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