7-Day Burgundy Driving Route

18 Jul

Burgundy driving route with France Motorhome Hire

Burgundy is a beautiful region of France and deserves its very own driving route. Most well known for its red and white wines. Packed with historic architecture and rolling countryside, Burgundy is perfect to explore in a motorhome, campervan or RV. Drive the short distances between towns whilst stopping and staying the night with vineyards, lakes or chateaus as your backdrop.

Here is a 7-day Burgundy driving route route for inspiration. If you want to explore at a more leisurely pace why not spend two days at each stop and stay for 14!

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France Motorhome Hire is located just 125 kms south of Paris. We offer five different vehicle types to perfectly match your trip needs, whether you are a couple, friends travelling together or family of six.

Never thought of hiring a campervan or motorhome before? Taking your accommodation with you makes puts you in control of your own trip. Enjoy the freedom to travel at your leisure, deviate from well-trodden tourist paths (or even your own plan!), seek out hidden gems and experience the authentic culture of France.

France Motorhome Hire has a proven track of delivering motorhome holidays since we started in 2009. If you decide to take a trip around Burgundy, you will be in safe hands with us.

Day 1 – Villeneuve-sur-Yonne

Villeneuve-sur-Yonne ©Pline on our Burgundy driving route

Villeneuve-sur-Yonne © Pline

Once you have picked up your motorhome or campervan from our depot, head the short distance south to Villeneuve-sur-Yonne. A small but picturesque village set along the Yonne river. Take a little time to familiarise yourself with your vehicle, stock up on supplies from the boulangerie and rest up from any long-haul flights ready for your adventure!

Day 2 – Dijon

Tour Philippe le Bon, Dijon - Burgundy Driving Route

Tour Philippe le Bon, Dijon

After collecting your camper or motorhome from our depot, head a couple of hours south on the A6 through Auxuerre to Dijon. The region is most famous for its mustard and gingerbread but do not overlook the local speciality aperitif ‘Kir’, made from crème de cassis (a blackcurrants based, dark red liqueur) mixed with white wine. If you’re feeling adventurous make it a ‘Kir Royal’ by swapping the white wine for champagne!

Whilst in Dijon, enjoy the sights from the top of the Tour Philippe le Bon, see how Dijon mustard is made or visit the Contemporary Art Center (Le Consortium).

Thenissey, overnight motorhome stop - Burgundy Driving Route

Thenissey, overnight motorhome stop

Thenissey, overnight motorhome stop - Burgundy Driving Route

Thenissey, overnight motorhome stop via Home Campers

All of France Motorhome Hire’s vehicles come fully equipped with twin leisure batteries, gas hobs for cooking and hot water for the on-board kitchen and shower. This means you can skip the campsite and instead wake up to beautiful chateaux views like this 17th-century Burgundian house in Theinissey on route to Dijon!

Day 3 – Beaune

Chateau du Pommard, Beaune

Chateau du Pommard, Beaune

Only a short 50Km south-west of Dijon is the town of Beaune, the centre of the Côte de Beaune wine region, one of the most famous and prestigious wine-producing areas of France.

Visit Chateau du Pommard, the largest private vineyard in Burgundy which offers a variety of wine tours and harvest experience days. Be sure to pick up a bottle of wine (or ten) to enjoy from the comfort of your campervan!

The Beaune tourism website is an excellent resource for more information on the region.

Day 4 – Morvan Regional Natural Park

Le lac des Settons, Morvan Natural Regional Park

Le lac des Settons, Morvan Natural Regional Park

On day 4 of your road trip, retreat from the hustle and bustle of Dijon and head to the tranquillity of Morvan Natural Park. Stop by one of the lakes in your motorhome and simply take in the scenery or enjoy a host of activities including kayaking, horse riding and even a round of golf.

Discover all the available activities on Morvan Park website.

Spend the night under the trees with your Apollo motorhome

Spend the night under the trees with your Apollo campervan

Day 5 – Nevers

Nevers, Burgundy

Nevers, Burgundy © Daniel VILLAFRUELA

Approximately 100km west of Morvan is the cultural town of Nevers. Park up your motorhome and take a bicycle ride to explore the rich religious architecture, savour the local speciality ‘Négus’ sweets and enjoy the banks of the Loire river.

If you have a head for heights, why not take the aerial view with a Hot air balloon ride? Rise up above the landscape and enjoy the views from above! Rides last approximately 90 minutes and depart early in the morning or late evening from April through October.

Day 6 – Auxerre

Auxerre, Burgundy

Auxerre, Burgundy

As you and your motorhome make your way back north 100 Km towards the depot, visit the charming city of Auxerre.

Try out the scenic walkway called the ‘The Coulée verte‘ which takes you on a 9 Km tour of the city.

Auxerre offers many gastronomic specialities including ‘l’escargot de Bourgogne’, the ‘Burgundy truffle’ and the ‘Burgundy Gugère’. After working up an appetite on the walkway why not take your pick of delicacies and retreat to your motorhome for an authentic taste of Burgundy, wherever you feel like spending the night!

Motorhome interiors are spacious and light, perfect for settling in after a day exploring

Motorhome interiors are spacious and light, perfect for settling in after a day exploring

Day 7 – Joigny

La Côte Saint Jacques, Joigny ©www.cotesaintjacques.com

On your final day, a mere 30km from the depot is the town of Joigny. Here you can indulge in a little luxury by dining at La Côte Saint Jacques. With two stars in the Michelin Guide for more than 25 years, it is a truly exceptional experience that many travel from far and wide to enjoy. There is also a luxurious Spa if you really want to pamper yourself.

Joigny boasts many boutique shops including organic cosmetics, jewellery and custom designer clothing. Collect a few momentos of your trip to take back home with you.

Our Burgundy driving route on Google Maps

Enjoy this route with us

Hopefully, we have whet your appetite to tour this elegant region. Hire a campervan or motorhome with France Motorhome Hire and enjoy the sights and sounds of Burgundy supported by our local, English speaking team.

Choose from our five different campervan and motorhomes types, get a quote and start planning for an adventure of your own!

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