Cater for your special diet in a motorhome

18 Sep

Sampling new dishes and savouring unique flavours is among the many joys of travel but taking a trip with special dietary needs can prove to be difficult, especially when you feel you have to persistently ask what’s in the food you are eating!

Whether you’re diabetic, vegetarian, vegan, have food allergies or simply on a health kick, travelling can provide many obstacles when it comes to catering for your individual requirements and, if you’re like many travellers with special dietary needs, you may be wary about taking a vacation altogether.

The good news is, by hiring a motorhome for your trip you can avoid the culinary pitfalls that every other means of travel and accommodation is likely to expose you to!

Renting an RV will allow you to rustle up some tasteful cuisine whenever you’re feeling a little peckish; something you’re unlikely to benefit from when staying in hotels or relying on restaurants.

Bread, cheese and wineCountless benefits for special diets

Hiring a campervan in France can feed you with many benefits if you have special dietary needs, especially because having a fully functioning, self-contained kitchen with a fridge 24/7 means that you can eat at the times that suit you best.

Aside from allowing you to cook according to your own requirements, having a kitchen will also give you chance to enjoy fresh ingredients available across France; there is a whole abundance of supermarkets and fresh food markets dotted around the beautiful country, meaning you can find new and exciting ways to tantalise your taste buds while accommodating your diet at the same time!

However, don’t feel that you’re completely confined to your motorhome’s kitchen. We’ve put together a few tips to help you avoid doing all the cooking and enjoy successful dining in French restaurants with special dietary needs.

AuberginesEnjoy dining in France with a special diet

Many people with special dietary needs are usually put off by the thought of eating out, usually because of bad past experiences or going through the hassle of explaining why you can’t eat the dish they’ve presented you with.

Fortunately, if you give restaurants a little warning by booking your table in advance, you are much more likely to get what you want. Give the restaurant enough notice to be able to cater for your dietary needs; for example, if you’re looking to dine in the evening then consider phoning up and booking in the morning.

If you’re vegetarian then carefully take the time to explain what you do and do not eat when making your booking. After all, vegetarianism is still rare in France so it is not well understood, which is why you’ll need to carefully talk through what you can and cannot have.

Fresh HerbsYour own back-up kitchen!

Although you can talk through your requirements in the restaurant when you arrive, you should note that some restaurants might not be able to cater for your needs, as they may not have certain ingredients available on site.

Consider keeping a good stock of emergency supplies in your motorhome so that you can quickly scrape up an equally delightful meal in your fully equipped kitchen!

If you’re interested in hiring an RV or would like more information about travelling with special dietary needs, why not contact us today and speak to our friendly, English-speaking office team?


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