Considering buying instead of hiring for a long term European trip?

16 May

France Motorhome Hire are, of course, a rental company (the clue is in the name) but did you know we also sell motorhomes and campervans to non-European residents via our website

As we specialise in longer term hires for overseas visitors, we understand at what point it becomes more cost effective to buy rather than hire for an extended trip.

There are quite a few factors to consider when deciding whether to hire or buy and there is no simple cut off point at which buying becomes better value. Are you planning multiple trips? Are you coming in low season when rental prices are great value? Do you have the budget to own a suitably modern motorhome that will give you trouble-free service? Are you happy to accept the responsibilities and risks that come with ownership? Reading our “Should I hire or buy page” might help you determing which route is best for you.

Each year, the bulk of the vehicles we sell are our own ex-rental fleet but we also sell new vehicles from two manufacturers and are now selling vehicles that are returning from long European trips too. We sell our hire fleet vehicles at the end of our main busy season (November) each year so have sold most of our used vehicle stock already this year but we do have a handful of vehicles left if you are still thinking of buying this spring or summer. Here is our current stock list.

With eight years of experience in helping English speaking clients to explore Europe in motorhomes and campervans, we are happy to offer advice on whether you should hire or buy so get in touch and let us help you arrive at the best solution for your trip.

A selection of ex-rental vehicles currently for sale

FMH52 – Euro Traveller Prestige Campervan

FMH52 used motorhome currently for sale

FMH46 – Euro-Explorer Compact Prestige Motorhome

FMH46 used motorhome currently for sale

FMH38 – Euro-Voyager Motorhome

FMH38 used motorhome currently for sale
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