Lac Du Bourdon – A must see attraction in Burgundy

21 Aug

Paris Depot Supervisor, Sally recently spent a weekend exploring the Burgundy’s beautiful Lac Du Bourdon in one of our Apollo campervans. With transport and accommodation in one for your holiday, a campervan gives you complete freedom to explore spots like this in your own unique way. Sally tells us everything you need to know about visiting this off the beaten track spot.

Lac du Bourdon, Burgundy

Lac du Bourdon, Burgundy

Where is Lac du Bourdon?

If you’re not one for laying around on the beach all day, you don’t have to travel far from our depot just South of Paris to have a unique experience that will permit you to be part of history.

Lac Du Bourdon is approximately one hour’s drive away and is a beautiful spot for peace and quiet to sit and watch the sun go down around a campfire, wake up in the morning to watch herons fishing for their breakfast and take in a bit of peaceful Paddle Boarding, Kayaking or an early morning dip in the calm waters.

Lac du Bourdon, St-Fargeau and Castle Guedelon
GPS coordinates: N 47°36’32.724” E 3°7’9.768” 47.609090,3.119380

Beach at Lac du Bourdon

Beach at Lac du Bourdon

Where to park your camper?

I stayed at a picnic area that was showing on the app near St-Fargeau. There is a choice of sites all within 50 yards of each other suitable for all sizes of vehicles.

What to see and do?

If you don’t feel like cooking in your camper, within strolling distance, there is also a friterie restaurant to get something to eat and a hire place to get your paddle board/kayak. (I managed to fit my inflatable SUP board quite comfortably in the storage in my Duo camper along with our fold down scooters!

Duo underbed storage

Duo under bed storage

10 minutes drive away is THE MOST AMAZING castle ever! I understand it’s part of a 100-year project that is reconstructing Guédelon castle using artisan methods only. They take this quite seriously here and you can book a week of volunteering to help out, if your masonry skills are up to it!

Alternatively, there are workshops that you can join in with and book up or a guided tour in English. Entrance fees cost €14 and the guided tour was €3 on the day at the gate. My personal favourite was the wool dyeing workshop with a vegetable garden – who knew rhubarb root was used to turn your clothes a lovely green?

Guédelon castle

Guédelon castle

Unlike many other countries, France simply loves their motorhome guests, and there was special FREE parking at the castle for me and a lovely big car park just for all us Motorhomers to use.

A wonderful time between living history and the lake made a few days feel like a refreshing break away from modern life stresses!

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