Ever considered long-term campervan hire?

22 Aug

Many of our overseas clients plan long-term campervan trips in France and Europe; whilst some fancy hiring an RV for two months, others are more drawn towards the thought of renting a campervan for up to a year or more. Plus, with so much to see and do in France alone, even a trip of several years might not allow you enough time to see everything Europe has to offer which is why long-term campervan hire is the perfect solution!

Catering for all clients

We’ve recently had the pleasure of renting out one of our RV’s to two hiking-enthusiasts, who were in search of a campervan that was big enough to comfortably live and work in for 8 months. The hikers, Craig and Kathy Copeland, are using our campervan to research more into hiking in France and Europe, which will be used to create a truly inspiring and stimulating book that celebrates the hiking adventures of the routes they take in our trusty Sky 20 motorhome. Their previous blog was written inside our fully equipped RV, whilst they were parked in the Hautes Alpes of France, aside a roaring, glacial stream.

We are regularly asked if it’s at all feasible or economical to rent a RV for the duration of a long-term trip but at France Motorhome Hire, we firmly believe that hiring one of our latest and professionally prepared motorhomes offer great peace of mind over an extended trip. To really understand the alternatives, have a look at our sale/buyback notes!

Hire a motorhome for your hiking holiday

If you’re a real hiking fanatic, just like Craig and Kathy, then hiring a RV will provide you with the chance to explore some of Europe’s most exhilarating hiking adventures.

The Copland’s will be blogging about hiking in the Alps for the next few months; why not view their blog?

Offering long-term hire solutions

Thanks to our extensive range of fully equipped RV’s, we are able to offer special all inclusive rental rates for longer term hire visitors to France and Europe. In order to make your tip that little bit easier, we hope to have already thought of everything you’ll need, saving you plenty of time and last-minute panic!

At France Motorhome Hire, we understand the amount of time and effort goes into planning a long trip away which is why we aim to make your motorhome trip exactly what you would hope it to be. After all, we’ve helped many clients take extended motorhome trips so we know what ingredients are needed to make a trip successful and stress free and have the capability to do so!

If you’re interested in hiring an RV or would like more information regarding our long-term motorhome trips, why not contact us today and talk to our English-speaking office team?


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