France: the world’s number one tourist destination

20 Jul

France has something for everyone, which is one of the reasons why it remains the world’s number one tourist destination. Home to an abundance of magnificent beaches, remarkable historic monuments, lush countryside and winding country lanes, beautiful architecture and prestigious tourist attractions, it’s true when they say that France has it all. For those thinking of travelling further a field on your motorhome holiday, consider stopping in France as opposed to fitting in Italy, Spain, Germany or any other European country last minute. Besides, there really is so much to see and do here!

Motorhome holidays in France

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, family trip or a just well deserved break, we guarantee you won’t be left disappointed in this extraordinary country. Travelling through France via motorhome opens up a whole window of opportunity; explore whichever parts of France that takes your fancy, while enjoying the independence and savings that you wouldn’t normally benefit from on a package holiday or a traditional villa holiday.

Whichever part of France you plan to explore and no matter how long you plan to spend here or how far you want to travel, you won’t run out of interesting things to do and sights to see. France is simply the best country in the world to visit in a motorhome.

So much to see and do

Aside from its impressive tourist attractions such as the famous Eiffel Tower (Paris) and the Notre Dame, the castles of the Loire Valley, and Brittany and Normandy lure tourists in from all around the world, in addition to the beautiful beaches on the French Riviera and the exquisite island of Corsica. France is also known for its many museums and art galleries; you won’t find anything like these anywhere else.

France’s satisfying climate cannot be faltered ever; its lovely weather makes for great outdoor activities, including hiking, climbing, kayaking or cycling.

France is also home to the most exquisite cheeses and wine, thanks to its myriad of vineyards, wineries and restaurants, carefully scattered amongst France’s idyllic cities and towns.

Speaking of wine…

Wine regions generally offer some of the most spectacular scenery and architecture you can find. With this in mind, even if you are not too keen on the thought of free wine tastings, touring a wine region will take you through some really fantastic areas. An opportunity not to be missed! Learn more about our France Passion Scheme; a splendid opportunity to enjoy the benefits of staying overnight in a whole host of interesting places, free of charge.

Rent a campervan

So, why not treat yourself to a French motorhome holiday and discover what France is really about?

At France Motorhome Hire, we provide immaculate, reliable and carefully maintained campervans and motorhomes to all our customers. Simply contact us for more information.

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