Should you look at reviews to help you decide where to hire a motorhome in France?

04 Apr

Yes, you absolutely should!

Not all motorhome rental companies are well run and the consequences of picking up a motorhome that has been badly prepared for hire are pretty serious. It is not like hiring a car where you are simply going to sit whilst on the move and feel a little uncomfortable if it is grubby. When hiring a motorhome, you are going sleep in it, eat in it and use the bathroom so if it has been poorly prepared or cleaned, it could completely ruin your trip.

You will also want to be sure that the campervan you pick up has been carefully maintained, is road ready and everything from the fridge to the main engine is serviced and working as it should.

A gleaming accommodation area is vitally important for a comfortable trip

The France Motorohome Team are the best in the business when it comes to preparing vehicles for hire. We take three to four hours to thoroughly clean, service and inspect every vehicle between each hire. Kitchen kits are removed and put through the dishwasher, bed linen is freshly laundered (and usually line-dried!), the interior is vacuumed, washed and polished dry with cleaning alcohol, equipment (even down to the hairdryer) is checked to make sure it is working and safety checks are carried out on the engine and tyres.

Your campervan kitchen will be immaculate if you hire from France Motorhome Hire

We leave no stone unturned during the preparation process and once our thorough re-preparation process has been completed, each vehicle undergoes a final inspection to make sure it is gleaming and trip ready. Our objective is always to make our motorhomes feel like nobody else has ever used them so we can hand them over with great pride.

Motorhome hire inspection

Not every campervan rental company goes to these lengths so how can you find out which ones do? Simple, read the customer reviews!. You will soon spot common themes that indicate a lack of care in the preparation process.

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