The Medieval Castle of Guédelon is really taking shape

05 Sep

If you read our blogs or newsletter regularly, you’ll know we are huge fans of top local attraction, Guédelon, where a team of historians are building a medieval castle using traditional methods.

The Medieval Castle of Guedelon is really taking shape

This must be one the most enchanting, educational tourist attractions in the world and each year it gets ever more interesting and sophisticated.

We came across these three videos on The Guédelon Facebook page and feel they are worth sharing with you as they give you a real feel for the scale of the project and the incredible things you will see if you visit. The first video shows you the sheer scale and ambition of the project, the second shows the builders hoisting some of the 265 beams that will go into the new chapel roof and the third shows some of the 10,000 roof tiles being removed from the kiln.


There is now so much to see on the Guédelon site, you really need to visit it from a motorhome so you can arrive the night before, spend the whole day there and stay the next night too!

Guédelon is open until 4th November 2018 and will then close until the spring so pop back to the 13th century during your campervan adventure this autumn. The later in the season you come, the more authentic the experience gets as the crowds disappear and the odd whiff of wood smoke drifts across the crisp Burgundy air. It’s not like anything you will ever have experienced before and we know you will love it.


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